through the medium of massage

when ‘the hands will solve a mysterythat the intellect has struggled with in vain’- Carl Jung


Do you feel out of touch with your body and unsure of your sexuality? Are you stuck in a boring routine of so-called ‘pleasure’ and long for more?  Have you tasted something different and are looking for a safe way to explore further?


I am not only a professional Tantric massage practitioner but a certified Sex Coach – I offer massage and more …


Working with Graham has helped me to re-gain confidence in my sexual persona – it has been expanding, and sometimes challenging – but in order to grow and change you sometimes need to step outside your comfort zone.  However, this has always been with his care and support along the way.  He is always very respectful of boundaries, which are constantly checked.  



Are you looking for a pampered personalised journey of self-discovery where you get to focus on your pleasure?


Graham has a broad knowledge of human sexuality, and is able to call on many modalities in how he works.  I would have no hesitation in recommending him if you want to work with someone who is professionally trained (or highly qualified if you prefer the phrase), totally non-judgemental and, most importantly, compassionate and supportive.  GM (61)


… or maybe you want to completely relax and forget the world outside? … my massages enable you to sink deep within yourself into a state of bliss.



If you’ve never tried Tantric massage and are curious … then I welcome you to trust me to help you experience things maybe you never thought your body was capable of, in a safe and structured environment.





Please look at the rest of the site to learn more about Tantra and get a feel for what you can expect – I only post genuine testimonials.  Some of these are first time clients and some have become regulars.  If you want to take the next step then call me on 07933 709169 to chat or email me here.


Tantra is about life … it is the name given to the form and flow of energy that makes up the universe. It is the body of knowledge that helps us to transform the negative in our lives into positives by bringing what is in the shadow to the light. We do this by opening to the sexual energy in ourselves and in others, by connecting with the creative energy that is Life.

‘My Tantric journey began when I read the words ‘Tantra turns sex into love’ … in an instant it seemed like a light went on and the burdens of a perverse, performance-based sexuality slipped off my shoulders. I had been searching for nearly half a century and now I really had hope of being reconciled with myself as a sexual being.’

Tantra is also about death … letting our egos die and the powers that support them. It is the process of turning the dualistic, moralistic mind into the open and accepting mind.  It is the path of transformation that moves us from the analytical past-and-future mindset into an awareness of the only reality – the present moment.

‘I learnt how to let go of judgements and the preconditions of my mind and relax into my body and just accept the experience. I had to take off all the masks I wore for life and learn to just be. I realised that my body had wisdom … that I had to listen to it to live more fully. It was really mind-blowing to realise that the body was created to experience pleasure really not pain … and that was actually the healthiest way to live.’

Tantra talks about Shiva and Shakti, the energy and the point of consciousness, where transformation occurs.  It talks about the dance of life, the ebb and flow of energy; it teaches us how to be fluid and how to open up as channels between the poles of earth and heaven.

‘I learnt to embrace the sexual in myself, give it freedom and yet choose how to express it.  I understood how to generate life energy within myself and how to be generative towards others.’

Tantric massage is about touch; about getting in touch with yourself. It is the art of arousing the physical body in such a way as to also stimulate the spiritual, energy body. The experience awakens and expands our consciousness. Often the process allows blockages and constrictions to come into our awareness that need transformation.

‘Bringing this knowledge into my relationship with my wife has allowed us to deepen our connection and also to explore some of the subconscious power dynamics and ways to resolve them through contact and massage.’

Tantra teaches us how to build an awareness of our energetic bodies, to connect with the spiritual dimension. It teaches us how to allow the expansion of our energy in creative, loving, and life-giving outcomes; how to transform the contractions of energy that cause static, discordant and death-like states into more fluid, harmonious and generative states.

‘In the past my sexuality, the state of my health and all my relationships were all areas of concern and anguish – fixed and frozen into rigid life-suffocating forms. My sexuality was perverse, my relationships concretized in fear and avoidance, my health trapped in stories of a sickness that could not be cured. In particular, I have come to experience how beautiful my sexual energy actually is – innocent, pure and radiant. For the first time in my life I feel that I have a choice about these fundamental aspects of my life.’

Tantra is about respect and recognition … ‘the divine in me recognises and honours the divine in you.’ It creates a space for the male and female to be safely polarised and positively interactive. It recognises the masculine and feminine in each of us, and accepts all the possible forms sexuality might take as well as the permission to be fluid.

‘I personally value integrity highly and Tantra has helped me to find a deeper, truer integrity within myself. I feel more confident in facing the world and of allowing it to touch me.’


I continue to be inspired by the teachers I have learned from, in and beyond the fields of Tantra and Conscious Sexuality.  I have taken part in John Hawken’s year long course The Art of Tantra Massage Professional Training, Betty Martin’s Like a Pro course (using the Wheel of Consent), along with a doctorate in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, including a Sexual Attitude Reassessment & Restructuring experience.  I have also attended and facilitated on the 5 day Advanced Sexological Personal Exploration Experience with Sex Coach University.  I am also registered with the Trusted Bodyworkinternational platform for sexual counselling, certified tantric massage and sexual coaching.