The Tantric massage sessions I offer depend on what you want to accomplish.

Initially I want my clients to relax and switch off from the world outside and connect with themselves. This may take a little time and involve some relaxation techniques.

We would also clarify the goals for the day’s session and talk about any anxiety or other possible negative influences. Being clear and creating a sense of safety is an important starting point.

The minimum session time fee would be for an hour and a half and the maximum being for two and half hours.

I aim to offer value for money to satisfied clients … who come back for more … and recommend me to their friends.


First Time? Welcome and thanks for coming to my website.

This can seem like a huge step to make and I admire your courage. We have all had a first time and survived to enjoy all that has come afterwards.

I want you to become one of my satisfied clients. I am non-judgemental so you can share any hopes and fears you may have. I aim to create an atmosphere of openness and honesty for the best results for both of us. So please call or email me, whichever is easier for you. After we have chatted a little about what you want we can plan our first session.

“I have to admit to being very nervous meeting Graham for the first time. My fears were soon allayed after his warm smile and calm manner. He spent time discussing boundaries and ensuring that I felt in control and relaxed.  He was attentive and regularly asked if I was comfortable .It was a positive experience and the start of a journey with Graham that will hopefully enlighten me and my knowledge of myself. I can thoroughly recommend Graham.”  Marie (52)

I will most likely start with some simple exercises to guide you into touch experiences and set boundaries. This will help me tune into your mind and body and allow us to relax together. We can then decide where to go and how to get there.

If you are just curious about ‘Tantra’ and want a new experience then you are welcome.  If you want more of a personal journey to learn to connect with yourself more deeply, then you are very welcome.  If you have specific goals or personal issues you want to resolve then please get in touch as I am very happy to help.

In the initial massage session I cover consent and boundaries so that we can both feel safe.  Then once you have learnt how to let go and relax more deeply you will begin to experience your body’s potential for pleasure.  Most clients are amazed at how much they feel when they can focus on themselves alone.  Then, when we slow things right down, a whole new realm of energetic experience often opens up accompanied by a state of blissful ecstasy.


Session fees depend on location and are based on:

  • Individual massage up to 4hrs £398 per session
  • Couples massage up to 4hrs £498 per session

(Discount of 10% for block bookings of five sessions)

The only variables to the above will depend on location (Bristol, London, or your own home) for which we would agree the travel costs.

All sessions will be prepaid via bank transfer unless agreed otherwise.

Cancellations with less than 24hrs notice will be liable for 50% of the session fee to cover costs.